We are excited to have the in-house capabilities for ductwork fabrication within our 23,000 SF warehouse. We can manufacture internally lined, or un-insulated duct and can perform welding as needed in a safe and controlled environment. This capability has several advantages for both our customers and our productivity. When the project schedule allows for coordination through Building Information Modeling (BIM), we are able to communicate direct from the drawings to our plasma cutter for precise manufacturing of fittings. This eliminates the need for hand listing and streamlines the turnaround for fast and efficient delivery to the site. In addition to ductwork, we are capable of fabricating a variety of sheet metal products, including custom exhaust hoods and roof curbs.

Our field staff has the expertise to install any type of duct to meet our customer’s needs. With experience ranging from exposed spiral and oval duct, to galvanized rectangular, welded black iron and stainless, aluminum, double wall boiler stacks, and PVC coated underground we are sure to find the correct application for any system.

Fabrication / installation of all gauges of sheet metal per SMACNA standards

  • Medium / low pressure
  • Lined
  • Stainless steel
  • Black iron
  • Aluminum
  • Spiral/Oval/Round
  • Double-Wall
  • PVC Coated