AC Repair


Living in the Arlington Heights area, we wait a long time for summer to arrive. When it does, you want to fully enjoy it. A fully working, efficient, and reliable cooling system is essential. Without air conditioning, there’s no possibility of a productive day, relaxing weekend, or restful night’s sleep. Don’t struggle with cooling equipment that isn’t living up to expectations, or maybe isn’t working at all. Insufficient cooling or humidity control isn’t acceptable, and those summer months are too precious. Call Atomatic Mechanical Services and expect quick, satisfying, and economical solutions.

Our service technicians have passed strenuous, industry-recognized exams, verifying knowledge and technical excellence to receive NATE-certification. Through our affiliation with Carrier, the team from Atomatic Mechanical Services receives continued updates in product, service, and technological advancements. We rely on Factory Authorized Parts to ensure lasting performance, optimum efficiency, and the lowest possible sound levels. When our licensed and fully insured specialists complete repairs on your air conditioning unit, know that you are receiving the highest quality service and workmanship at the most competitive prices in Northbrook, Glenview, Highland Park, Wilmette, Arlington Heights & Palatine, IL.

Prevent Additional Issues by Scheduling Air Conditioning Repair

Delaying service is a mistake. While concerns for the time and money involved in repairs may tempt you to procrastinate, neglecting warnings signs will eventually require a much bigger investment. Elevated operational noise, unpleasant smells, dripping condensate, and inadequate cooling are indications of problems within the system, and procrastination ensures a steady decline in performance and leads to more complex malfunctions, possibly full system failure. The majority of faults are the result of insufficient maintenance, and can be solved through simple and inexpensive cleaning. Mold and mildew thrives on cooling coils. The condensate collector is the ideal habitat for algae. If ignored, the result is restricted airflow, insufficient cooling, poor heat absorption, possible water damage to property, and degraded air quality.

When your cooling system is not operating in peak condition, it is definitely costing more to run. As performance diminishes, energy consumption rises. Through careful inspection, adjustment, cleaning, and the possible replacement worn or broken parts, the licensed technicians from Atomatic Mechanical Services will promote optimum cooling capacity and lower utility bills. By troubleshooting, we can take care of your immediate concerns, verify safe operation, and make sure your equipment stands up under the intense summer workload.

Atomatic Mechanical Services is a member of the Comfort24-7 Network, guaranteeing our work, service, and the Factory Authorized Parts we install against defects. If your are in any way unhappy, we will address the issue, make it right, or refund your cost. Our goal is to complete your project from start to finish with precise workmanship, high standards, and satisfying results. We continue to grow and expand throughout Northbrook, Glenview, Highland Park, Wilmette, Arlington Heights & Palatine, IL because of positive customer testimonials. Home and business owners trust Atomatic Mechanical Services for comprehensive, economical air conditioning repair, and we never let your down.