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If you’re in or around the Schaumburg, IL area, and you need heating or cooling system services, Atomatic Mechanical Services is here to help. We provide all kinds of HVAC services and support on all makes and models.

From residential heating to cooling systems you can rely on, you can reach out to us for indoor air quality services, temperature control, and everything from maintenance to installations.

Air Conditioning

The right air conditioner matters. If you don’t have good air conditioning over the summer months, you can become very uncomfortable, very quickly. Illinois summers can heat up fast, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the suitable unit for your needs and getting it maintained before the first hot day.

Multi-Family HVAC Systems

If you have a multi-family dwelling, keeping your tenants comfortable is essential. By having the right air conditioning system and trusting a quality HVAC company to maintain and repair it, your tenants will have cool air on a hot day and feel comfortable and secure in their space. If anything breaks down, you also want to make sure it gets fixed quickly so you don’t put any of your tenants at risk in the heat.

Air Conditioning Replacement

The replacement of an air conditioner is sometimes necessary, no matter how well you maintain the unit. HVAC units don’t live forever, and after 10 to 15 years, you can expect them to start breaking down. If they’re breaking down frequently or repairs are starting to cost you a lot of money, a replacement could be the best choice.

Air Conditioning Installation

New construction is an excellent time for an air conditioning installation. But you can also have an HVAC unit installed in an older home that you’re retrofitting with ductwork and an AC. We can talk with you about your options for installation, so you can pick the unit that works best for your needs and that will provide everything you’re looking for when the weather heats up.

Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioning breakdown can be very frustrating on a hot day when you want to enjoy the cool comfort of your home. By reaching out to Atomatic Mechanical Services, you can get quick, quality air conditioning repair from a trusted HVAC company you can rely on. We’ll get to your location fast and find the problem, so we can fix it and get you back to feeling good in your home again.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning system will be less likely to need repair or replacement with good maintenance. You can help the unit last longer and reduce the number of times you’ll need it repaired. That saves you money, and good maintenance can also help your AC system be more energy-efficient to keep your power bills lower.

Ductless Mini-Split Services

Enjoy the comfort control and energy-efficiency of a ductless mini-split system. These units can be installed into your wall and connected to a condenser unit outside. There’s no need for added ductwork, and everyone in your home will be able to set the temperature of their rooms to their desired settings. Call Atomatic for ductless mini-split installation and repair services in Schaumburg today.

Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to a traditional furnace and air conditioner. Talk to Atomatic if you’re looking to install a heat pump in your home. Whether your home is brand new, or you just want to upgrade your HVAC system to a much more efficient one, we can help. However, we don’t just install heat pumps, we can provide our Schaumburg customers with other services too.

Heating Services

In the middle of an Illinois winter, you need to know that your heating system will work the way you expect. You want to feel cozy and safe in your home, and that’s very hard to do when the heat isn’t working. A sound heating system is one you can trust and rely on, and there are ways to keep it working as well as you can for as long as possible.

Multi-Family HVAC Systems

With a multi-family property, the HVAC system is critical for the comfort and safety of your tenants. Efficient heating saves you money and gives your tenants what they need to stay warm enough throughout the winter. Whether you need essential maintenance or a furnace installation, the right heating company can make the difference.

Furnace Installation

furnace installation is usually done with a new construction project, but there are times when an older home that’s never had a furnace will also need to get one. If you’re doing a big home project and putting in a furnace for residential heating, we can help you with a new system installation you can trust and rely on. Your Schaumburg, IL home should be comfortable for you, and a new furnace can help with that.

Furnace Repair

If your existing heating system breaks down and you need furnace repair, we can help with the HVAC repair you need to get it working again. Whether it’s a cold, snowy day or you’re just testing your furnace before a storm hits, furnace repair is essential and should be handled quickly. We can get to your home fast, find the problem, and get it corrected so that you can have heat again.

Furnace Maintenance

Maintaining your furnace can reduce the chances of a breakdown and also help prolong its life. Rather than need heating repair so often, annual maintenance is recommended to keep your furnace working at its best. We can catch potential problems and get them corrected before they get worse. You’ll get excellent service and fewer worries.

Indoor Air Quality

From duct cleaning to air purifiers, indoor air quality is essential. Your heating and air conditioning systems need to stay clean to work well, and the air should be clean for health and safety, too. UV lights, humidifiers, and other indoor air quality solutions can help you get the healthy air you want and deserve inside your Schaumburg, IL area home. From Elk Grove Village and the surrounding communities into the heart of Schaumburg and beyond, we can help homeowners with indoor air quality solutions they can rely on.

About Automatic Mechanical Services

For over 75 years, our family-owned business has been helping people in the Chicago area get the HVAC repairs and other heating or cooling system services they need. Our licensed technicians are dedicated to good customer service, and we offer help and support at a reasonable price. You can rely on Atomatic Mechanical Services for AC repair, duct cleaning, furnace repair, new system installation, and much more throughout the Schaumburg, IL area.

Reach Out for HVAC Services in Schaumburg, IL

Contact us today for accurate knowledge and information on HVAC systems and services in Schaumburg and the surrounding communities. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of options, flexible financing with approved credit, and more, so you can choose the heating and air conditioning options that work best for you and meet your needs.

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