Heating Services

If you live in the local Chicagoland area, you understand the importance of having a working heater. The winters in Chicago can be absolutely brutal, and it is important for you to have a reliable source of heat. That is where we can assist you. We are Atomatic Mechanical Services, and we have a tremendous amount of experience with a wide variety of home utilities, including heating systems. It would be our pleasure to take a closer look at the heating system in your home to ensure it is working properly. Even though you may not think about your heater every day, you need it to be there for you in the middle of the winter. We can help you make that happen. 

Furnace Services in the Chicagoland Area

The best way to deal with problems that your furnace or heat pump have is if you stay up-to-date on routine maintenance. If you actively look at your heat pump, you may detect issues before they get out of hand. Then, it is important to rely on an experienced team that can help you deal with these issues immediately. At Atomatic Mechanical Services, we offer a wide variety of services that will help you get your furnace working properly. Some of the most important services we offer include:

Furnace Repair

If there are problems with your furnace, you need to get them addressed right away. If you do not get a professional to handle furnace repair for you, the issues could get worse, leading to more expensive problems down the road. We have experience dealing with a wide variety of furnace problems, and we can use this experience to help you repair your heating system. If your furnace should break down in the middle of the night, we also offer emergency furnace repair services. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help right away!

Furnace Replacement Services

If you are looking for a new furnace for your home, we can help you. A furnace is an important investment. You need to get a furnace that will not only work well but also last a long time. We can use our connections throughout the industry to help you compare the benefits and drawbacks of each furnace option. That way, you can make the best possible decision for your furnace replacement needs.

Furnace Installation

Once you have found the right furnace to help you, you need to get it installed properly. If you want your furnace to work as well as possible, you need a professional team to install your furnace on your behalf. We can help you install your furnace quickly and properly. We will make sure that your furnace is working properly when we are done. If you want to make sure your new furnace is installed correctly, trust the team from Atomatic Mechanical Services to help you. 

Furnace Maintenance

Finally, we also offer professional furnace maintenance services. If you would like to prevent serious issues from developing with your furnace, it is important for you to invest in routine maintenance. We will come to your house periodically to take a close look at your furnace. That way, we can make sure it is working as efficiently as possible while also preventing serious problems from developing. 


Heat Pump Services in the Chicago Area

At Atomatic Mechanical Services, we also provide a variety of heat pump services in the local Chicago area. Some of the most important heat pump services we provide include:

Heat Pump Repair

If there is an issue with your heat pump, we can respond immediately. We will take a look at your heat pump, figure out what is going on, and address the problem for you. We will also explain how the problem developed and what you can do to prevent it from coming back. We take great pride in helping you not only fix your heat pump problems but also in helping you take care of your heat pump. If you are concerned about your heat pump, count on us to assist you.

Heat Pump Installation 

If you have a new heat pump, you need to get it installed properly. It will be our pleasure to help you with that. We have a tremendous amount of experience working with numerous heat pumps, and our professional team has the proper training to install your heat pump the right way, the first time. Then, we will also take the time to show you how to operate your heat pump. That way, you know exactly what you need to do to get as much use out of it as possible.

Heat Pump Tune Up 

If you want to keep your utility bills as low as possible, it is important to make sure your heat pump is working efficiently. We can come to your house regularly and make sure your heat pump is working as well as it should. If there are any minor issues, we can tune them up for you, preventing serious repairs from happening. If you want to get as much use out of your heat pump as possible, you need to invest in regular maintenance.

Boiler Services in the Chicago Area

Boilers are sometimes seen as “old fashioned,” but they’re generally regarded as one of the most efficient ways to heat a home. Especially in Chicago, older buildings tend to have furnaces, and if you’re not familiar with how they work, that’s ok, because Atomatic Mechanical Services can help you troubleshoot your boiler issues and let you know when its time to install a new one.

Boiler Installation

Many Chicago residents love their boilers. They’re great for effective radiant heating that doesn’t rely on air ducts. This means its easier for every room to be heated equally and you don’t have the indoor air quality issues many people with a duct system have. However, if you notice that your boiler is leaking frequently, that you’ve needed a lot of repairs recently, or that your system is older than 15 years old, it’s time to start considering replacing your boiler. 

Replacing your old boiler with a new boiler is easy for the experienced team at Atomatic Mechanical services. If you think that your boiler is starting to fail, call us about boiler replacement services. We’ll help you find a new and more efficient boiler replacement. It’s better to replacing your heating system on your own terms rather than waiting for it to stop working. If you think proactively, you can save a lot of money on repair costs down the road. 

Boiler Repair & Maintenance

Although boilers are known for being incredibly efficient, they do occasionally have issues now and again. If you even notice that your boiler isn’t producing enough heat, or you notice that your energy bills have suddenly spiked, call Atomatic Mechanical Services to take a look. We can find the cause of your boiler’s issues and get it working again in no time.

Like a furnace or a heat pump, annual preventive maintenance is key to keep your boiler working reliably throughout the winter. You’ll notice less issues, lower heating bills, and regular maintenance can help extend the life of your system. Call us to schedule your boiler maintenance in the fall so you’ll be prepared to heat your home in the upcoming winter. 

Why Work With Atomatic Mechanical Services?

If you are looking for someone in the local area to help you with your heating needs, we understand you have options. Some of the biggest reasons why you should count on the team from Atomatic Mechanical Services include:

  • All of our professionals are properly licensed and insured. They have the necessary training to help you with all of your utility issues. 
  •  We have an unparalleled level of experience and our field. We use all of this experience to make sure you get the best service possible.
  • Even though we have expanded our services over the years, our dedication to customer service has never waned. We promise that we will always place your needs first.

For all of these reasons, and many more, make sure you rely on the team from Atomatic Mechanical Services if you are looking for professional heating services and the local Chicago area.

Schedule Heating Services With Atomatic Mechanical Services

If you are looking for a professional who can help you with your heating needs, look no further than the team from Atomatic Mechanical Services. It is our pleasure to serve the local Chicago area, and it would be our honor to take care of you as well. We offer a comprehensive package of services, so we are confident we can help you with all of your heating needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.