Heat Pump Installation in Des Plaines, IL

parents playing with their daughterIf you don’t like the weather in Illinois, just wait five minutes and it will change. It’s an amusing saying because it’s true, but when seasonal weather changes occur, will you be ready? Homeowners in Des Plaines, IL, expect their homes to be comfortable in the blazing hot summer months and in the bitterly cold winters. Well-informed consumers know it is important to have the finest HVAC equipment available to heat and cool their family’s home, and installing a quality heat pump is a smart choice.

Whether you are shopping to replace an existing HVAC system or purchasing one for a new home, the qualified experts at Atomatic Mechanical Services INC. are ready to show you the benefits and versatility of installing a heat pump in your Des Plaines, IL home. With current technological advances from superior comfort to improved efficiency, it makes perfect sense to purchase a heat pump for your home.

Top 5 Benefits of a New Heat Pump Installation

When making the switch from a conventional HVAC system, such as central air conditioning or furnace units, to a heat pump unit, you may appreciate these fantastic benefits:

Increased Efficiency

A heat pump’s job is to move air from one place to another. In the winter, heat from outside the home is transferred to the inside. During the summer months, the process reverses, so the heat energy from inside the home transfers to outside. This process translates into reduced household energy usage, so you may also realize significant savings in your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Warm and Cold Air from One Unit

Installing a heat pump eliminates the need to heat and cool with separate equipment. A heat pump offers versatility because you can switch between heating and cooling with the same unit. This can make troubleshooting home comfort issues much easier. A modern heat pump does a much better job of maintaining a more consistent temperature and humidity level in the home.

Improved Air Quality

Because the heat pump filters the air that enters the home, you may notice an improvement in air quality. Common allergens and pollutants, including dust mites, microbes, and pet dander, can easily be removed through the heat pump’s filtering system. Better air quality can lead to health benefits, too.


Because a heat pump runs on electricity, no fossil fuels are needed to run it. Reducing carbon emissions is a win for the environment, so installing a heat pump is also an eco-friendly choice.

Longer Lifespan

With the installation of a heat pump, you will no longer endure the cost of maintaining a separate heating and cooling system. With proper maintenance and care, your heat pump could last 10-15 years. And the need to replace only one appliance instead of two can be a big money saver.

Heat Pump Issues: When to Repair or Replace

If you currently own a heat pump, but it’s not running well, you might be concerned that you’ll need to replace it. Your first step is to contact a certified HVAC professional. Often, a simple repair may be all that is needed to resume running at optimal performance. Since most heat pumps last a good 10-15 years, chances are that a model under 10 years old is repairable.
If your system is beyond 10 years old, the following signs are indications that your heat pump may need replacing:

  • Poor Maintenance Record – Heat pumps should receive maintenance every six months to maintain optimal performance because they work throughout the year. Skipping maintenance for several years can lead to the need for replacing your heat pump much sooner. After the unit is 15 years old, however, replacement is generally recommended even with consistent maintenance.
  • Needs Repair Often – Frequent repairs are a headache, and if they are happening more than once in the same year, that’s a sign that your heat pump is aging out of its useful lifespan.
  • Expensive Repairs – Sometimes the high cost of repairs means sinking more money into a failing unit. Instead, consider the value of investing in a new heat pump.
  • Inconsistent Heat – As heat pump systems age, they may not be heating and cooling as consistently. If you are having trouble heating and cooling the same space, your best option is to buy a new heat pump.
  • High Power Bills – If your power bills have gone up significantly, your heat pump system may not be running as efficiently. If routine maintenance doesn’t fix the problem, then you may need a new heat pump.

Talk to Atomatic in Des Plaines, IL, for Your Heat Pump Needs

If your home is ready for a more dependable and cost-effective heating and cooling system, talk to the professionals at Atomatic Mechanical Services about a heat pump system for your Des Plaines, IL home. We will help you choose the right unit for your home and explain the options for a new system and installation. Call us today to schedule your appointment.