Palatine, IL Furnace Repair

Chicago area winters aren’t just known for their snow, but for their freezing temperatures too. Cold breezes off the lake make winter an ideal time for snuggling in your home. If your furnace is not up to the task of making your home comfortable, though, then you may need furnace repairs to restore it. Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc. can provide you with quality furnace repair service in Palatine, IL. We help home and business owners take better control of their environment. Let us help you – call us today!

Signs You Should Repair Your Furnace

Your heating system should not need repairs very frequently. Having one repair a season is normal, though. Anytime your furnace is not working as it should means you should have repairs. You should not ignore furnace issues as one broken component can often cause other problems and make your furnace work harder to produce heat. The sooner you address furnace problems, the sooner your home will be comfortable and you’ll avoid large repair and utility bills. 

There are many things that can go wrong inside a furnace. Here are some of the most common furnace repair problems we see.

Low Heat Output

You’ve set your thermostat to a certain temperature, but it feels like the air in your home can never quite get as warm as you want. Put your hand near a register to see how strong the flow of air is. If you hardly feel any warm air coming out of the vents, then it’s time for furnace repairs. Causes of low heat output could be leaky air ducts, a clogged or dirty air filter, or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Stange Odors

It’s not uncommon to notice an odor when you turn on your furnace for the first time for the year. However, if the odor lingers or stays persistent, turn off your furnace and call for repairs. A musty smell like sweaty socks could be caused by mold growth. A burning smell could be a bad electrical connection or burning dust. Both can cause poor indoor air quality, which can be very unhealthy for you and your family. Have these odors addressed right away. 

High Heating Costs

The most common sign that people realize they need heating repairs is when they look at their heating bills and see that they’ve suddenly skyrocketed. This means that something is wrong with your furnace and it requires much more energy to produce the same amount of heat. Suddenly high heating costs can be caused by many issues, and Atomatic can pinpoint and fix the exact problem that’s causing the problem. 

The Furnace is Less Than 10 Years Old

When you’re a new homeowner and your furnace isn’t working properly, there’s no need to worry that you’ll need to replace your whole unit. You wouldn’t replace your car because you popped a tire, right? The same is true for your furnace. Oftentimes, furnace performance issues can be quickly solved by a repair. 

You may need to replace your furnace if your system is over 10 years old and the repair is major. An experienced technician can tell you how old your heating system is and if a repair makes sense economically. 

What To Check Before Scheduling Repair Services

Atomatic responds to a lot of “no heat” calls in the Palatine, IL area. We’re happy to come and help you, but you might want to check a few things first to see if you can restore heat yourself. If you try all of these things and you still can’t restore heat to your home, then call us for repairs.

  • Circuit Breaker Check your circuit breaker to make sure the circuit for the furnace isn’t tripped.
  • Thermostat Make sure that your thermostat is on, has fresh batteries if needed, and is in the “heat” position.
  • Air Filter You should change your furnace’s air filter about every 90 days. Air filters that are filled up with dust can prevent air from flowing to the furnace. You can buy new furnace filters at your local hardware store.
  • Service Switch Furnaces have a switch that turns them off and on. This switch may have been accidentally flipped, and that’s why you have no heat in your home. 

Why You Can Trust Atomatic For Furnace Repairs in Palatine

Atomatic is your reliable furnace service provider in Palatine, IL. Not only can we provide you with quality service, but we can do it day or night. When you have a heating emergency, the team at Atomatic is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can also trust Atomatic to provide you with quality parts and services. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we offer Carrier brand parts and equipment for our customers. We are held to high standards to provide customer satisfaction as part of our partnership, and we work to help all of our customers achieve their heating and cooling desires. As part of the Comfort 24-7 Network, we offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on service. If you ever find that we were unable to service your home’s HVAC equipment, let us know and we’ll remove the installed components and refund you at no cost. That’s our promise to all of our customers. 

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