Hoffman Estates, IL Furnace Repair

When there’s something wrong with your car, your “check engine” light comes on. And although you may drive around for weeks with your “check engine” light reminding you that something is wrong, you will eventually get it looked at – if not to just make that light go away. Unfortunately, your furnace does not have a handy light to notify you that something is wrong, and it’s better to get these issues fixed faster than you do with your car. Like a car repair, a simple furnace repair will often restore your system to its proper working condition. 

When was the last time you had your furnace looked at? Has it been struggling like a car with a flat tire? If so, call Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc. in Hoffman Estates, IL for furnace repairs. We provide quality service and can help you with all your home comfort needs. 

Benefits of Repairing Your Furnace

When you have your vehicle repaired, there is a clear difference between how smooth your ride was before the repair and then following the repair. The same is true with your furnace. Furnace repairs make a big difference in the quality of comfort in your home.

Improved Efficiency

A furnace that has issues will run inefficiently. This means it will need to consume more energy to heat your home. You’ll notice this right away with higher utility bills. Quick repairs can often restore your furnace to peak efficiency, saving you money. 

Reliable and Comfortable Temperatures

When temperatures plummet during the middle of the winter in Hoffman Estates, you might worry that your furnace won’t be able to heat your home. When you repair your furnace, it will work more reliably even on the coldest of nights when the demand for heat is at its highest. 

Greater Airflow

One of the reasons why your furnace might not be heating your home sufficiently is that it is pushing very little warm air out of your registers. Make sure you change your furnace’s air filter about every 90 days to maintain airflow. If you are diligent with this maintenance, but your home is still not warm enough, then repairs are needed. Low airflow can be caused by a number of factors like dirty air ducts, malfunctioning thermostats, or a broken blower fan. 

Improved Lifespan

When you repair your car as needed, you can expect it to last longer. The same is true for your furnace. When one component of your furnace is broken, it can cause other parts to work harder. This added stress makes it more likely that your furnace will break down at some point. If you keep your furnace in good condition by making regular repairs, you can expect a longer life from it. 

Call Atomatic For Emergency Furnace Repairs

Having no heat in the middle of a cold winter’s night is a heating emergency. Your furnace doesn’t just keep the occupants in the home warm; it also keeps your plumbing system warm to prevent pipes from freezing and breaking. When a pipe bursts, it can cause extensive water damage that can be costly to fix. While you may think that you can wait to repair your furnace instead of spending the money on emergency repairs, just remember that emergency repair costs will be much more reasonable than water damage remediation.

The professional HVAC technicians at Atomatic are standing by 24/7 to make emergency furnace repairs. Whether it’s a major holiday or the middle of the night, don’t wait to restore comfort to your home. Call Atomatic right away for help.

How To Know When To Repair or Replace Your Furnace

When your car pops a tire, you don’t need to replace the whole car. Furnace repair is often the same. When you need one repair, it often doesn’t indicate that you need a new furnace. Oftentimes, it’s worth it to make the repair if certain factors exist.

Consider Repairing Your Furnace When…

  • Your Furnace is Under 10 Years Old – Well-maintained furnaces tend to last 15-20 years. If your furnace is less than 10 years old, a repair is a good investment for the longevity of your system.
  • The Repair is Minor – Oftentimes, a quick fix is all you need to restore heat to your home.
  • You Haven’t Needed Many Repairs in the Past – Needing a furnace repair once a season is normal. Chances are, if you make this one repair, you won’t need repairs again for a long time. 

Consider Replacing Your Furnace When…

  • The Repair is Major – There are some major components in furnaces that are often more expensive to repair than buying a new furnace. Your HVAC technician will let you know what makes the most sense financially.
  • You’ve Needed Multiple Repairs in the Past – If you’ve called for furnace repairs multiple times in one season, it might be better to cut your losses and upgrade your furnace to a new model.
  • Your Furnace is Over 10 years old – Your HVAC technician will advise you whether it’s worth investing the money into repairs or if you should get a new furnace. As furnaces age, they tend to develop more issues.

Call Atomatic Today To Schedule Furnace Repairs For Your Hoffman Estates Home

If you’re tired of paying high heating bills or living in an uncomfortable home, then it’s time to call Atomatic for furnace repairs in Hoffman Estates, IL. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are held to high standards for customer satisfaction and quality parts and service. Experience the improved comfort professional furnace repairs can bring to your home, and schedule an appointment with Atomatic today.