HVAC Services in Buffalo Grove, IL

When it comes to something as important as your home’s HVAC system, don’t work with just anybody you see on Facebook. Suppose you’re looking for HVAC Services in the Buffalo Grove area, in that case, you want to make sure you’re working with an HVAC company you can trust with all your HVAC needs.

Whether you need furnace repair, have an air conditioner that’s not working correctly, or need maintenance or an installation, we’re here for you. Our goal is to make sure everyone in Buffalo Grove and the surrounding area can have healthy indoor air quality and a comfortable temperature in their home throughout the year.

Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality in your home is essential. It’s not just the temperature that matters when looking for heating and air conditioning services. You also want to ensure that your air conditioning contractor can care for your entire HVAC system. That includes caring for your air ducts, where mold, mildew, and strange smells can develop.

Indoor air quality can affect the health of your family, which is something we take extremely seriously. If you are not sure about the state of your home’s indoor air quality, reach out to us today.

Air Conditioning

The proper air conditioning services matter and Atomatic Mechanical Services has served Buffalo Grove and the surrounding area for decades. Cooling services are vital during an Illinois summer heatwave, so you want to ensure your cooling system is working right before the hot weather arrives.

  • Air Conditioning Replacement: If your air conditioner isn’t working, you may be looking at an HVAC system replacement. That can give you a new, more efficient unit that will reduce excess energy waste and keep your power bills lower. If your unit is older or if it has been breaking down and needs repair and replacement parts frequently, replacing it could be the best choice.
  • Air Conditioning Installation: Building a new home is exciting, and working on a home project in an older house you’ve purchased can also be enjoyable. If you need an HVAC system installed, we can help. We handle new construction options and can also provide a retrofitted system in an older home. If you need air conditioning installation, we’ll talk about your options.
  • Air Conditioning Repair: The proper HVAC repair is essential to keep the AC system in your Buffalo Grove, IL home working the way it should. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your house cool the way you want, or it simply won’t work the way it used to, HVAC repair may be just what you need. With proper AC repair, you can enjoy the comfort you want and expect in your home.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance: Maintenance is vital for your heating & air conditioning systems. When you need cooling in the summer months, you want to know that your AC will provide what you’re expecting. Having your AC maintained every year before the start of summer is one of the best ways to feel confident when you turn the unit on during that first warm day.
  • Heat Pump Installation: Adding a heat pump to your Des Plaines home can provide year-round comfort from one energy-efficient appliance. If you’re in the market for a new heating and cooling system, consider swapping out your traditional split system for a heat pump.
  • Heat Pump Maintenance: Heat pumps need to be tuned up every 6 months. This is to prepare it for the upcoming seasons. Schedule your first tune-up appointment in the spring, and then the second appointment in the fall.
  • Heat Pump Repairs: Whenever your heat pump starts marking strange noises, no air flow, or has ice forming on it, you can trust Atomatic for quality heat pump repairs.
  • Multi-Family HVAC Systems: Multi-family heating and air conditioning systems give all tenants comfort and convenience. Whether they each have a separate thermostat or you have a set climate range for the building, you want to make sure that the system is working correctly for everyone’s comfort and safety.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Installation: Ductless mini-split HVAC systems bring quiet, energy-efficient, operation to your home with more control over the temperature of a given room. Ductless systems are great for new additions and backyard sheds.

Heating Services

In the cold of an Illinois winter, heating services become more important than ever. Not only can proper heating services help keep you and your family safe and comfortable, but a heating system can also keep pipes from freezing and reduce other types of severe damage to your home.

Furnace Maintenance

Maintenance on your furnace is vital for ensuring it stays working correctly. Now’s the time if you’re not sure how long it’s been since you’ve had maintenance performed or if you have been putting it off. That reduces the chances of needing repair and can also help reduce your heating bills.

Furnace Repair

Even the best furnaces can break down over time. If you need furnace repair in the Buffalo Grove area, Atomatic Mechanical Services can help. We understand that a quick repair and the correct replacement parts are critical when you need heat and want to be comfortable in your home.

Furnace Installation

For new construction, or if your Buffalo Grove, Illinois home needs a new furnace, you want to work with a company that will provide you with the highest quality service available. Then you can feel confident that you’re getting the right HVAC contractor for your needs and your home’s heating requirements.

Multi-Family HVAC Systems

A heating system for a multi-family property needs to be handled by professionals you can trust to do the job right. We believe it is all about the quality of the technicians and the abilities they have. Whether you’re looking for repair, maintenance, or installation, our team can help address any multi-family heating systems you have on your schedule.


About Atomatic Mechanical Services

Atomatic Mechanical Services has been serving the HVAC system needs of the Chicagoland area for over 75 years. As a family-owned business, Atomatic handles HVAC repair, installation, and replacement in Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Lake Zurich, and surrounding areas. You can get the service and support you need by working with us.

From a tune-up of your furnace to a complete installation of a new air conditioning unit, we can meet all your HVAC needs in one place. Same-day service is available, and with our great customer service and communication, we’ll make sure you know when we’ll be there and what services we’ll provide. That will help give you peace of mind for a company trusted in the area for decades.

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