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What Factors Influence the Lifespan of My HVAC System?

What Factors Influence the Lifespan of My HVAC System?

Several factors affect the lifespan of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to perform well. Proper maintenance can reduce energy consumption, lower the incidence of repairs, and extend the service life. In addition, a system must be properly sized and installed. According to the Department of Energy, more than half of all systems are incorrectly installed, which can result in a shortened lifespan and more repairs.

Benefits of HVAC System Tune-Ups

Keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape has several benefits. Just like tuning up cars, maintenance optimizes performance, improves energy efficiency, and keeps the system running smoothly. In contrast, lack of maintenance can shorten the service life. During a maintenance session, we may find minor problems that can be tended to efficiently and prevent more expensive problems from developing.

Maintenance ensures that components work together synergistically, enhancing performance and extending your system’s life. Dirty filters allow pollutants to enter and circulate within ducts. Dust and debris can coat coils, which affects the transfer of heat. This causes the compressor to work harder to produce conditioned air and can shorten the service life.

Importance of Proper Sizing and Installation

Some contractors estimate load and sizing of systems. Load calculations consider all the factors that affect performance, energy usage, and comfort. Units that are too large cycle on and off more often. Frequent starts strain the system, which can shorten the system’s lifespan. Units that are too small run longer, which can overtax the compressor. Both undersized and oversized systems experience more repairs and shorter service lives.

Call Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc. for HVAC Services

Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc. offers new installations, repairs, and maintenance on HVAC equipment. We work with heat pumps, ducted systems, ductless mini-splits, furnaces, and other heating systems. Our HVAC services include:

  • New installations and upgrades
  • Seasonal HVAC maintenance
  • Maintenance contracts
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Commercial services
  • Indoor air quality and ventilation solutions

At Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc., we always stand behind our work. We are a people-focused company, treating our clients and teammates with empathy, kindness, humility, and respect. We don’t use high pressure sales tactics; we use an education approach to give our clients the information so they can make an informed decision.

To schedule a tune-up or HVAC service, call Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc. today.

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