Schaumburg, IL Air Conditioning Installation

The weather in Schaumburg can be exceptionally uncomfortable during the hot summer months. If you can’t find relief from the heat in your home because of a broken air conditioner, you don’t need to continue to suffer. Now is an excellent time to talk to Atomatic Mechanical Services about air conditioning installation or replacement. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are happy to provide quality appliances, equipment, and tools to make your home cool and comfortable. If you’re ready to feel comfortable in your home again, contact us to get started on the air conditioning installation process.

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When Is The Best Time To Start Shopping for a New Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner struggled to cool your home last summer, chances are it will probably continue to struggle this summer. Needing an air conditioner repair once or twice a season isn’t uncommon, but any more than that is a sign that your air conditioner is on its last legs. Running your air conditioner constantly, especially during record-high temperatures will only increase the likelihood of breakdowns again. 

If you’re looking to not only replace your air conditioner on your terms and save money, you should start shopping for an air conditioner in the spring. When you wait for your air conditioner to die, you’re more likely to have the first company you call to replace your AC. You don’t have time to shop around and get different estimates because you’re desperate to cool your home again. Air conditioners are most likely to die during the summer when demand for new units is high. Get ahead of demand by shopping for a new system in the spring. This is a good idea because it may take some time for your air conditioner to arrive and for a team to install it. If you’re going to go a few days without air conditioning, wouldn’t you rather it be during cooler spring temperatures than hot summer ones? If you know your air conditioning system will need to be replaced soon, it’s better to start making a plan sooner rather than later. 

How Can I Tell If My Air Conditioner Will Need To Be Replaced Soon?

New AC installation is a big investment, so we understand if you’re reluctant to get your air conditioner replaced. However, air conditioners do not last forever, and the average lifespan of a unit is often between 10-15 years. If your system is in this age range, and you’re noticing any of the following issues, it might be time to consider replacing it. 

Low Air Conditioning Output

If you put your hand on the registers in the home, you should feel a solid flow of cool air. If the air is not cold, or the flow isn’t very strong it could mean major discomfort issues around your home. Try changing your home’s air filter to see if that helps with the airflow, but if it doesn’t, you should have your cooling system looked at. 

High Cooling Costs

If your cooling costs seem to be higher than they were a year ago, this could be because your HVAC system is no longer working efficiently. This also happens in older units that are on the back end of their lifecycle. An air conditioner with so many broken or damaged components will require more energy to get your home to the desired temperature, thus costing you more on your monthly energy bills. 

Low or Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is so important in creating the cool and comfortable temperatures in your home that you have come to expect from your air conditioner. If the levels of refrigerant are low or there’s a leak, it’s recommended that you have a professional HVAC contractor fix it. Refrigerant is a toxic chemical that should only be handled by a professional. It does not need to be replaced or topped off as oil in a car does, so when it springs a leak, it should be addressed immediately. 

Odors During Operation

Have you smelled a burning odor coming from your air conditioning system? This could be from any number of damaged components including the compressor, electrical wiring, or the blower motor. Any of these broken components will be more expensive to replace on older units, and likely justify the purchase of an entirely new unit.

Low Indoor Air Quality

High indoor humidity is a sign that your air conditioning system is failing. Your air conditioning system should effectively lower the humidity in your home, but if your home feels sticky, even on not very humid days, it’s a good idea to have it replaced.

Atomatic Can Make Cooling Systems Affordable with Flexible Financing

When looking for a new HVAC system, you want to make sure that you find a reputable service team to provide quality service and installation. If you find yourself looking to install a new air conditioner in your Schaumburg, IL home, but are worried about the cost, Atomatic can help. We provide flexible financing options for customers who qualify through Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Being without a heating and cooling system can be an uncomfortable situation and Atomatic doesn’t want you or your family to suffer. We make sure that you can add a new comfort system to your home without breaking the bank. Talk to us today about financing options and to see if you qualify. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance is Key For Protecting Your Investment

When you buy a new system, making sure it lasts as long as possible should be a top priority. Although you probably won’t need air conditioning repairs for some time, you can keep your cooling bills low and the need for repairs less likely by talking to Atomatic about air conditioning maintenance services. 

Once a year, your system should be inspected and cleaned in the spring. This will keep it running efficiently and your technician will be able to spot signs of wear and tear and can replace parts before they break. If your system does break unexpectedly, you can always count on Atomatic for 24-7 comfort services to restore your home to the level of comfort you deserve. 

Trust Atomatic For Quality Air Conditioning Installation in Schaumburg, IL

If you’re ready to replace your failing air conditioning system with a new and improved model, then talk to Atomatic today for air conditioning installation service in Chicagoland, including Schaumburg, IL. We are happy to find a system that is the perfect fit for your home and cooling needs. Schedule an appointment with us today for an estimate.