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What Is The Purpose Of A Zone Control System?

Do you get annoyed when family members adjust the thermostat when they have no idea how much a slight temperature change can drive up your energy bill? A solution to this common occurrence is a zone control system!

An HVAC zone control system can help ensure that everyone in your family is comfortable. This is true even if you need to maintain different temperatures in your home areas or zones. 

Atomatic Mechanical Services has provided consultations and installation for zoned heating and cooling for many years. We have a reputation as a professional, honest, and reliable company. So, call us first when you need an HVAC zone control system and experience the difference between working with the best company.

How Does a Zone Control System Work?

With conventional furnaces and ductwork, air circulates through your air ducts and into each room until the thermostat reads the proper temperature. Before the heat is turned off, it can sometimes take longer to get certain rooms heated up to temperature. For example, if you have vents in a room furthest from the furnace and thermostat, or if they are in a part of the house that gets very little natural light, these areas tend to stay cold throughout most of the winter, while other areas of your home are warmer. 

With HVAC zone control systems, you create your home’s heating and cooling zones with individual thermostats throughout the house. You will have a zone valve placed somewhere in your ductwork that automatically closes if temperatures reach the desired setting. This is similar to how an air handler works at a hotel, where each room is set to the perfect temperature control for that guest’s comfort.

HVAC Zone Control Systems Advantages

Among other things, zoning your HVAC system provides equal heating and cooling capability to every room in your house. Zoning enables individual control of each room’s temperature for maximum comfort and energy savings. With a zoned system, you can close off the dampers on unused rooms without affecting the other zones. Additionally, when someone changes the thermostat in one zone, it will not affect the temperature in other areas.

An additional perk of a zoned heating system and air conditioner is that its ductwork helps keep your home’s indoor air clean. To avoid spreading germs and other irritants, the ducts for each zone are separated so that only the air in that particular zone circulates through the vents. This way, you can avoid making other family members sick when one person is ill. 

Who are HVAC Zone Control Systems For?

Managing the thermostat might be challenging if your home has multiple floors. This is especially true if you have family members who like to move the thermostat up and down constantly or have family members who struggle with mobility. An HVAC zone control system could help you save money and minimize energy use in your multi-floor dwelling!

Homes with high ceilings and large windows are usually susceptible to heat loss. So, you may need to raise the thermostat temperature to reach the desired current temperature, causing your bills to go up as well.

On the flip side, large rooms with more sunlight require cooler temperature settings to keep the heat at bay. In all these cases, zone control systems provide a great solution to adjust to individual temperatures throughout your home.

Call Atomatic for HVAC Zone Control System Installation

With a zone-controlled system in your home, you’ll enjoy more control over your home and experience a comfortable climate throughout your entire household. Say goodbye to more temperature disparities between one area of your home and another, and say hello to monthly savings.

Contact us today if you are ready to learn more about the zoned-controlled system! A member of our customer service team would be happy to provide you with additional details.

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