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House with a snowy yard and a clear driveway

How Do Snow Melt Systems Work?

While winter is almost over, it’ll be here again before we know it – you need to be thinking about how you want to keep your home and walkway safe and snow-free next winter. Snow melt systems are a great solution for those in the cold Chicagoland area. They provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to melt the snow around your home while also keeping you safe from slippery surfaces. Atomatic Mechanical Services explores the benefits of snow melting systems, as well as how they work so you can see for yourself!

How Do Snow Melt Systems Work?

A hydronic snowmelt system is an efficient way to clear away dangerous ice and snow accumulations. These can be electric systems or hydronic systems depending on the type of material it needs to heat and the climate it works in. An electric snowmelt system uses an electric current by heating cable or panels to generate heat to melt snow on the surface above. A hydronic system works by circulating heated liquids such as water or glycol through a piping installation, usually located beneath the surface of driveways, walkways, or streets.

Both snow melting systems have a self-regulated temperature sensor. This process creates warm surfaces that can quickly melt snow and ice from even the harshest winter weather conditions.

Snow melting systems work by generally consist of two parts—a heating element and a sensor. The sensor detects when temperatures drop below freezing, or significant snow melting temperature, it activates the heating element accordingly. When temperatures rise back above freezing, the system shuts off automatically until temperatures drop once again. This makes them incredibly efficient in terms of energy use since they only cycle between on/off states as needed rather than running continuously all winter long. Snowmelt systems are typically installed directly beneath concrete slabs or asphalt surfaces for maximum efficiency.

The Benefits of Snow Melt Systems

Snow melting systems offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Time Savings: You won’t have to spend hours shoveling or deicing your driveway or sidewalks; the system will take care of it for you automatically. Even if there’s a big storm, you can rest assured that your driveway will remain clear and safe.
  • Convenience: You don’t even need to be at home for it to work! Most snowmelt systems come with a timer so that you can set it up when you want it to activate—no more having to wake up early in the morning just to shovel out your driveway! Additionally, many models come with remote control functionality, giving you complete control over when the system starts and stops working.
  • Safety: Nobody likes slipping on icy surfaces. Snow melt systems help prevent this by melting away any ice or snow that accumulates on driveways and walkways before anyone has a chance to slip on it. This helps keeps everyone safe from potential accidents throughout the wintertime.

Snow melting systems can be installed on under asphalt for parking lots and driveways, or under concrete for sidewalks and walkways. Many business owners invest in snow-melting systems for metal entryways to their businesses to prevent slips and falls. If you have an elderly relative or someone in your family that uses a wheelchair, having a heating system remove snow and ice from a ramp can make moving them around much easier during the winter. Many Chicago area buildings with flat roofs also use snow-melting systems to prevent snow from accumulating on their buildings.

Call Atomatic to Install a Snow Melting System in Chicagoland

With their time-saving convenience, safety features, and energy efficiency, snow melt systems can make your life easier while also helping keep your family safe from slips and falls caused by icy surfaces around your home. All in all, they’re an excellent option for those looking for an easy way to keep their property free of ice during cold weather months! Make sure you have a new snow melt system installed before next winter comes – call Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc. today for a quote!

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