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How Does a Heat Pump AC Unit Work?

Do you ever feel like your home just won’t stay cool in the hot summer months? Or maybe you’re simply tired of setting your thermostat to a lower temperature and then having your air conditioning system unable to reach it. Well, if these are some common issues for you, then upgrading to a new heat pump AC unit may be the answer! A heat pump is an all-in-one solution that can both cool and warm your home using energy from outside the house – making it budget-friendly, too. Let’s take a look at how they work and the benefits they can bring to your home.

Can A Heat Pump Cool My Home?

Heat pumps are an efficient and cost-effective way to heat and cool a home. A heat pump works by transferring heat from one source to another – either from inside the home or outdoors. During the summer months, it uses its cooling mode to cool your home like an air conditioner. When cooling, it extracts heat indoors and transports it outside, while when heating, heat is extracted outdoors and moved indoors. This heat exchange takes place using a refrigerant that travels between an outdoor and indoor unit via piping, sucking up any heat it finds in one area before releasing the heat at its destination.

Heat pumps are different from air conditioners. Air conditioners can only cool air, and they use ductwork to transport air throughout your home. Heat pumps are much more energy efficient than air conditioners can when paired with ductless mini-splits, you don’t need ductwork to cool the air inside. 

Heat Pump Benefits

The heat pump unit is an amazing way to heat or cool your home and save you money at the same time. Air source heat pumps have many benefits over traditional heating and air conditioning units, including efficiency, environmental friendliness, and cost savings, and more. 


A heat pump system offers a more efficient way to heat your home than other types of heating systems. A heat pump AC unit isn’t just an air conditioner, it can also be a heater! Heat pumps require less energy to run than other heating systems, such as electrical resistance baseboard heating or gas furnaces, resulting in lower utility bills. 

Many homes can have both a heat pump and a backup HVAC system for extreme weather. Some homes in cold climates like Chicago will have both a furnace and a heat pump. When temperatures get too cold for the heat pump to work efficiently, the furnace kicks on. In hot climates like the Southwest, many homes have heat pumps and air conditioning systems. When it gets too hot for the heat pump to keep up, the air conditioner will cool the home instead. This provides both energy-efficient heating and cooling as well as comfort in every season. 

Environmental Friendliness

A heat pump system is energy efficient and environmentally friendly since it doesn’t use fossil fuels. These heat pumps regulate temperature year-round without relying on traditional resources like natural gas or propane. Heat pumps transfer heat from your environment instead of generating heat, and any heat put into the air is sourced from renewable sources like solar energy. So not only do heat pumps provide the comfort you need throughout the year – but they also do so in a sustainable way. 

Quiet Operation

Heat pumps are the perfect way to heat your home more quietly and efficiently. With heat pumps, you won’t have to worry about loud, disruptive noises that might make it difficult for family members to sleep or study. The design of a heat pump unit provides quiet comfort solutions that fit seamlessly into your home environment, relieving everyone of distraction from all kinds of noise pollution from a traditional heating or cooling unit while keeping temperatures at just the right level. Enjoy quiet comfort in your home today with heat pumps!

Call Atomatic For Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump AC unit is a great choice for your home or office. It’s energy efficient and can save you money on your utility bills, plus it’s good for the environment. If you’re ready to install a heat pump in your building, call the experts at Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc. We have years of experience installing and servicing heat pumps throughout the Chicagoland area and we can help you choose the perfect system for your needs. Give us a call today!

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