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ductless mini split for heating

Are Ductless Mini Split Systems Good For Heating?

Ductless mini split systems are highly efficient, cost-effective HVAC solutions that many home and business owners are trending towards. Continue reading to learn what a ductless mini split system is, the applications that mini split systems are best suited for, the advantages of these simplistic systems, and the very few and trivial drawbacks associated with them.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split System?

A ductless mini split system is an alternative to a traditional heating system and air handler-based HVAC system. As its name suggests, no ductwork is needed. There are two primary components of a mini split:

  • Indoor air handler unit
  • Outdoor compressor/condenser

The third component of ductless systems is the conduit which connects the indoor and outdoor units together. This conduit houses a power cable, refrigerant and suction tubing, and a drain line. The conduit enters the home through a 3-inch hole strategically bored through the wall.

In most mini split systems, the exterior condenser can manage multiple indoor air handlers, meaning you don’t need to buy a separate condenser for each handler.

Ductless Mini Split Applications

Mini splits are very well suited for retrofitting add-ons to homes without existing ducting systems that utilize:

  • Space heaters (wood, kerosene, propane)
  • Hydronic systems (hot water heat)
  • Radiant panels

Mini split systems are also an excellent heating system choice for room additions where installing distribution ductwork or extending existing ductwork isn’t feasible. Mini splits are also quite suitable for highly efficient new homes that do not require large-space air conditioning systems.

Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps System

There are many benefits associated with ductless mini split systems, including:

  • Reduced energy expenditure and heating costs
  • Highly efficient, multi-zone home heating and cooling
  • Simplistic design for easy installation and maintenance

Reduced energy expenditure and heating costs

Because mini split systems have no ductwork, they are not prone to the same energy losses linked with the standard ducting of central forced air heating and cooling systems.

Ductwork can lose 30% or more of the energy expenditure associated with conditioning the air in a given space. This is especially true if the ductwork is improperly sized, leaking, or located in unconditioned spaces like attics.

Highly efficient, multi-zone home heating and cooling

Mini split systems offer high-design flexibility. Various compressor models can manage as many as four indoor air handlers. The number of handlers that a compressor is able to manage is dependent on how well the building is sealed and insulated. Every treatment zone has its own thermostat, which means that you only have to condition spaces that are in use.

Simplistic design for easy installation and maintenance

Because of their unsophisticated design, ductless mini split systems are easy to install, repair, and tune up. The conduit that joins the interior and exterior units requires only a 3-inch hole through the wall.

If desired, the outdoor compressor can be positioned as far as 50-feet away from the entrance into the wall where the air handler will be located, allowing placement in less conspicuous locations.

Disadvantages of Ductless Mini Split Systems

The initial costs of installing ductless mini split systems can be pricier than some other types of heating and cooling systems, although manufacturer’s rebates, lower operating costs, and less need for repairs help to offset these upfront expenses.

Professional installation of ductless mini split systems is imperative because a failure to correctly size the outdoor compressor with each indoor air handler can lead to short cycling, inefficient operation, and overworking the equipment, which can result in malfunction or breakdown.

Some homeowners are not fond of indoor air handlers’ appearances, even though they are much less unsightly than a window air conditioner or box fan. Modern air handlers for mini split systems are sleekly designed and compact, which makes them only minorly obtrusive.

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