Atomatic is proud of our reputation. Read what some of our customers have been saying for over 65 years. If you would like to provide us with a comment on the service you received, go to the contact us section and click the “How did we perfom page”.

One of the best HVAC guys!
I would also like to take this moment to express my great appreciation for my technician Bruce. He’s like family over here at Warehouse Direct (and one of the best HVAC guy’s that I’ve had the privilege of working with!!!)
-Curtis S.

Way ahead of your peers in other companies
This is a follow-up to the work you did on our chiller system. We’ve been running now at a low-load condition for several days and the machine has been humming along just fine. I’ve watched the entering and leaving chilled water to see how it tracks to load and recycle. We have reduced recycles to near zero. Thank you for your diligence in sorting out the various settings and temperatures that would get us to this point. There are a lot of really good technician’s out in the field who know chillers, or in some cases, think they know chiller systems. I’ve had several guys from various companies in here to assist in getting these chillers tuned to the lower loads, the odd lakeshore differences and the way these chillers are set up to cool this high-rise. The common-sense way you worked through our problems and your understanding of BAS, hydronics and the 19XR machines place you way ahead of your peers in other companies. You set the bar very high. Watching the system run these last few days has made me quite happy and I know we are on the right track. I understand a few days does not make the summer, but we are off to a great start. This also leads to my feeling that, with Rick Freund’s help on the BAS, we can set up a solid Demand-Reset schedule for low load days as you and Pasquale suggested. Kudos to you and the Atomatic Team for helping us through this set-up and chiller repair plus the teamwork you showed in working with our design engineers and BAS programmers. Great job, Anthony! Mark & I also both noted how smooth and quiet chiller #2 is now! Bonus!
-Dan A.

His professionalism is top notch
I would like to take this time to let you know that working with Travis is a always pleasure. His professionalism is top notch. He follows the procedures for signing in and out at Brooke Graphics each time he comes in. His communication skills are excellent. When he comes into the building for PM or repairs. He stops by my office and lets me know what he will be working on that day. Once he has completed the task he checks in with me and goes over what was done so I have a good understanding of the work he has completed. Keep up the excellent work Travis!!!
– Chris K.

Thank you for following through
Happy New Year All, As this cold wave continues , every morning when I walk through the hallway I can’t tell you how sweet it sounds to hear the Boeing 757 Boiler Burner Upgrade fired up and running. Pat I want to Thank you for following through during this project this past summer. No more starting and stopping of the boilers is a great sound to my ears and all my fellow staff members. Just the ROAR of a 757. Thanks again!
– Jim B.

Your customer service still is the best
“Bill and Tony got “Old Bessie” working when she BROKE. Bob and Chris got a new furnace in for us in in record time on a really cold day. Everything and everyone has been here on time.”
– Karen M.

“Walter goes out of his way to make sure any jobs are done on time. His workmanship is perfect.”

What a pleasant experience we had with your company
“I want to let you know what a pleasant experience we had with your company . We had an emergency on a Saturday night (late) and we were leaving town early the next morning. We have never needed any emergency service before. Bill J. came to our home and was so thoughtful and was able to fix our problem. He was so courteous and was such a pleasure to work with even at 11:00 at night! Please let him know we are so grateful to have him help us!”
– Lisa A.

It has been a real pleasure doing business with Atomatic
“I just wanted to say Thank You all for a job well done. It’s been a real pleasure doing business with Atomatic. From my first phone call to the installation of my new heat pump, the work has been top notch.”
– Mary G.

Your team really stands out
“I just want to let you know what a pleasure Linda is to work with. I have met 6-7 of Atomatic’s employees, and everyone has been absolutely impressive. As a new business owner, I know the importance of good customer service and I just think you should know that your team really stands out. I have been telling everyone about your company and how happy it makes me to have found a team that is as knowledgeable and professional as yours. I look forward to a long relationship with Atomatic Mechanical. Thank you!”
– Jamie B

It was a complete pleasure working with you
“I wanted to let you know that it was a complete pleasure working with you on the TJ Harkins project. Ryan and Tom K. did a great job and the field guys were great to work with. Everyone came to work ready to do a good job and with a great attitude. Today we had a orientation meeting with the owner, Jerome and Rich were completely professional, patient and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work.”
– Scott R

Pleasant and informative
“Kevin performed the annual check and service on my heating system yesterday. I wanted to let you know what a fine job he did. He was pleasant and informative and made sure the area was clean after his work. My service was his last of a long day but he was still energetic and courteous. It would be a pleasure to have him back for the next service.”
– Tim M.

Teams dedication to success is appreciated
“I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how pleased I am with John’s team. This project has not been easy from day 1. John’s team has fought through all the adversities they have faced with tremendous fortitude and desire to succeed. Recent events with large RTU were resolved with John’s team quick response and help. The teams dedication to success is greatly appreciated.”
– Tony L.

They worked very hard
“Joe and the other person he was working with were really good guys. They worked very hard, put in a full day’s work and seemed very experienced.”
– Jeff A.

Project completed on time and under budget
“The project was completed on time and under budget. This was due in most part because of the team work between the store and Atomatic. I would like to go on record and say that this project was one of the smoothest I have done. The biggest reason is the 100% cooperation…Everyone did their part and worked together…”
– Jim S.

Tony diagnosed the problem, corrected it and I have heat
“Dear Sir: Once again I am a very happy customer. Tony has been regularly servicing my heating and air conditioning system. My furnace malfunctioned and I had no heat. Tony came out. Within a very short period of time, Tony diagnosed the problem, corrected it, and I have heat. You have probably heard this many times but Tony is an extremely capable, efficient, and very pleasant individual to deal with. He represents your firm in an excellent manner. Please treat him well. As long as Tony is there, you have me, and I am sure many others, for customers.”
– Eugene F.

Atomatic provided service at a level rarely equaled and never exceeded
“The day before yesterday, August first, in the beginning of the present heat wave, our home A/C stopped functioning. With an aged family, and poor health, this was potentially serious. As long-time Atomatic customers, we called around ten AM, when the customary in-house efforts to restart failed. Mary answered, took the information and Atomatic went into action. There was a serviceman here in a matter of two or three hours. He found a failed circuit board. That was around 3PM Wednesday afternoon. Mary called an hour later and said that a circuit board would be sent directly to our house Thursday morning, and would be installed during the day. Yesterday morning, Mary called again to assure us that the job would be completed by the afternoon. When I came home yesterday afternoon, the work had been completed, the unit was running, and the house was cooling down. We thought you would like to know this.”
– Robert L.

“We appreciate the service you provide. It makes our jobs easier.”
– Dave

“I just wanted to say thank you for your service at Commerce Point. We appreciate the service you provide. It makes our jobs easier. Thank you.”
– The staff at Commerce Point

Jan 2010: Your cooperation and communication remained key factors to the success of the project
“This letter serves as a formal token of appreciation from Principle Construction Corp. for your efforts put forth at the BMI Phase I project. On a project, which included an extremely difficult construction schedule, your cooperation and communication remained key factors to the success of the project. It was a pleasure to work with your team. I look forward to future projects with Atomatic.”
– Joel S.

A good company can correct a situation if given a chance
“I am happy that I decided to write to you last year about my concerns. It proved that a good company can correct a situation if given the chance. I was very pleased with the service provided last year. A lot of that satisfaction is due to your serviceman. He is very reliable and thorough and an excellent representative of your company.”
– Dennis K.

Thank you for the prompt service
“I would like to thank you for the prompt service to our air conditioning needs. Tony, the serviceman was very polite and courteous. We appreciate the special service and would recommend you to everyone.”
– Ronald E.

Very professional, listened to my problems
“Yesterday one of your service people came to help me with a problem with my furnace. His name was Miguel. He was very professional, listened to my problems, told me the cause and repaired it. When he was finished, he showed me how the flame sensor worked and explained how the red light would help me in the future. You have a great asset in Miguel. I will be signing up for a service agreement with your company.”
– Greg S.

Miquel is one competent young man
“Miguel is one competent young man. He looks you in the eye, speaks clearly, has the answers, and did an amazing thorough job on my heating system (his written work order tells the story).”
– Steve S.

Prompt, courteous and patient when educating me
“The heat flow in our house needed to be balanced. The service representative who came out was Bill and he was wonderful. He explained everything that he did, was prompt and courteous and was patient when trying to educate me about the heating system in my house. Thank you very much for your professionalism and thoroughness.”
– Cora W.

Atomatic is different
“What a relief to have your serviceman Miguel check out our heating and air conditioning system. In an age to “do the minimum to get the job done and payment received” Miguel showed us how Atomatic is different. He took the time to explain how our system worked and the benefits of his service. You can be assured we will be doing business with Atomatic for the rest of our lives.”
– Judy F.

Work ethic, knowledge and dedication
“I’m writing to you today to let you know how fortunate I feel to have Atomatic (Glen and Jeff) on my team. There have been a number of occasions here where their work ethic, knowledge and dedication has resulted in cost savings and reduced down time on our McQuay chillers.”
– Dan C.

I keep calling and recommending Atomatic
“Hey, my compliments on Bruce. He called me last week about a unit at Banta. He was in the area on Saturday, stopped to check it out and called me with an update. Apparently we are all set. Guys like him and you are the reason I keep calling and recommending Atomatic.”
– Tom S.

Teamwork Atomatic displays
“Please pass on to your team our appreciation for the teamwork Atomatic displays with Whole Foods.”
– Michael S.

Dealing with Atomatic is like talking to your family
“Dealing with Atomatic is like talking to your family. Other contractors are just contractors, but you are family.”
– Caryl M.

Dedication and devotion to servicing the customer
“We want to commend Jeff on his dedication and devotion to servicing the customer. Jeff did an outstanding job in troubleshooting, repairing and preparing circuit #2 for charging.”
– Darly H.

Pasquale has done a great job for me
“Pasquale has done a great job for me. We lost a cooling tower fan motor and Pasquale was able to improvised the tower makeup water feeds to keep the machine on line while a new motor was located.”
– Guy M.

Very warm, friendly, knowledgeable and caring
“Your technician did an excellent job of explaining what was going on and presenting himself in a very warm, friendly, knowledgeable and caring way. Because of this we signed up for your maintenance program.”
– Lee W.

Your organization is very professional and knowledgeable
“Shaun is very knowledgeable and did a great job. Your organization is very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for all your help.”
– Mitch K.

Your servicemen were excellent
“Thanks for your help with my service problem at my home. My wife said your servicemen were excellent.”
– Larry G.

He always goes the extra mile to explain things
“It is a pleasure to see Miguel. He always goes the extra mile to explain things to them. He is always smiling and is just a wonderful person.”
– Tanya J.

Tony went beyond the call of duty
“Tony went beyond the call of duty. While he was in the process of leaving a service call, I flagged him down to ask assistance. I had locked myself out of a townhome I was remodeling. Tony resolved my issue in seconds. In today’s world, we are so busy and often only think of ourselves. Tony was very kind and helpful.”
– Penny G.

Jerome is one of the nicest, most professional service techs
“Jerome is one of the nicest, most professional service techs he has dealt with. Just wanted to let us know this and that he is very impressed with him.”
– Don O.

Atomatic gets all Mechanical Contracts. You’re the best.
“It’s time to fire all the rest of the mechanical contractors in town. From now on, Atomatic gets all Mechanical Contracts. You’re the best.”
– Lee C.

The professionalism displayed far exceeded our expectations.
“On behalf of Central Baptist Village residents and staff, I would like to thank you for a job well done. The professionalism displayed far exceeded our expectations. Your team, Mark, Dino, Bernie and Shaun, kept us informed of the work that they were doing every day, as well as letting us know when they arrived and when they were leaving. Their clean up at the end of the day was exceptional as well. Be assured that Atomatic will be at the top of our list for HVAC installations and service from now on.”
– Bob L.

Thanks again for the quick response
“Lets move forward with the compressor repair. Thanks again for the quick response and I must compliment Bernie on another stellar performance and for his professionalism.”
– Frank P.

You guys are above the rest
“You did a great job in reacting to a big problem, mobilized equipment, men and engineering to solve the problem in 48 hours. You guys are above the rest. Thank you.”
– Fred E.

Dec 28, 1950: It is always such a pleasure to deal with a company like yours.
“Gentlemen; Just a few lines to congratulate you on the prompt courteous service which you have rendered me this past week. It’s always such a pleasure to deal with a company like yours. Our ole burner is installed and our home is comfortable warm for the first time this winter. Once again my many many thanks for your continued success in business.”
– Frank H.

October 23, 1952: We are exceedingly pleased with the workmanship of your installation.
“Thank you very much for your service we are exceedingly please with the workmanship of your installation.”
– Stanley S.

March 14, 1950 Thank you for your excellent service
“I am enclosing a cashier’s check in the amount of $215.00 as payment in full for the gas conversion installation covered by our contract purchase agreement. Thank you for your excellent service and cooperation and for what appears to be an excellent installation.”
– Marvin B.

Kevin is a fantastic service person
“Kevin was here today to change the cycling of the furnaces. They work much better…thank you. Kevin is a fantastic service person..and he also explained how the furnaces work, quite different from our old ones…He has been to our house several times over the last month and he has been nothing but professional, knowledgeable and patient!!”
– Lisa & Bob H.

Thank you for the quick response
“I just wanted to thank you for your quick response yesterday on this matter. Jeff was here sooner than I expected and was very fast and professional with the repair. I especially appreciate him taking the time to explain what the issue was with the chiller for my own better understanding of the system. Keep up the good work.”
William Green
– CB Richard Ellis

“I wanted to extend my appreciation for the service we’ve received from Atomatic at Mr. Bolduc’s Randolph Street property. For a potentially difficult project, you and your staff have taken everything in stride and have made things simpler for everyone involved. Frank Bisceglie is truly an expert in his field, and is particularly nice to work with. Looking forward to working with all of you again.”
– Daniel Hrankowsky (Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture)

I am always pleased with Bill Jacob’s work!
“Bill is always friendly and does excellent work.”
– Mr. Robert Lump

Both Miguel and Kevin have done a wonderful job in my home
“They have wonderful attitudes and are hard workers.”
– Stuart H

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the service today
“Your guys were on time, polite, very careful and cleaned up well. Class act all around. Thanks.”
– Barry N.

Just a small note on last night’s gas leak
“I appreciate that Atomatic Mechanical was able to send me their service man as quickly as they did. Replacement of the leaking pipe was replaced with no issues.”
– Whole Foods

Dee and I have been in our home for more than 25 years
“As such, we have been recently upgrading many items including a new Carrier Infinity furnace, Infinity electronic air filter, and air conditioner. We are very delighted with the performance of the new high efficiency equipment. But we were even more pleased with the great team of professionals that worked with us to configure the right equipment for our home, as well as the highly skilled staff that installed it. Everyone at Atomatic that we have dealt with over the years has always been considerate of our needs and of our time and budget constraints. The workmanship has truly been top quality and done on schedule without any hidden costs. We got exactly what we paid for and in most cases even more. Dave K has installed many of the items mentioned. He really knows his stuff and is a true craftsman in what he does. But we also appreciated that Dave always made time to answer questions and made sure that we knew how to properly program or run the equipment before considering the installation complete. We would highly recommend Atomatic Mechanical to anyone who needs professional heating or cooling services.”
– John

I am extremely happy with your service
“My boiler is up and running with no problems!”
– Barb S

Your staff worked with our people most efficiently and as a good team
“Thank you to your customer service and service staff for a fast and efficient response to our needs. On December 3rd, one of our rooftop units caught on fire. We contacted your company for a new unit and service. A new unit was installed and we were up and running by December 9th. Please extend our Thank You to all personnel involved.”
– Leo (Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc.)

That tech is great. I am a former HVAC guy and he is wonderful
“I received this text message from the tenant. The tenant went on to explain how Jerome’s knowledge and depth and courtesy made such an impact. We continue to be impressed with Atomatic and the main reason is your service techs. People like Jerome reflect positively on your service department and the entire Atomatic team. Thank you for the outstanding service!”
– James (Waveland Property Group, Inc.)

Keith S and Steve are two of the best workers we ever had in our building
“They come to work with a good attitude and on time and with a great deal of knowledge. It is good to see a company with guys like this working for them and keeping them happy. Thanks for all your company has done for us!”
– SKY/55

Goes above and beyond
“Bernie does a wonderful job for me. He goes above beyond when needed and he is just the nicest man. He is very helpful, very thorough, and very professional.”
– John C.

I have never experienced the level of service I recently received from Atomatic
“I have been a home owner for 25 years and have diligently had my furnaces and air conditioners serviced. Mary provided outstanding customer service in scheduling my appointment with Tony, the service technician. Tony arrived on time, in fact he was early and provided a thorough review, examination and cleaning of my furnace. Now that I have found Atomatic, I won’t use anyone else. Thank you!”
– Maria Coons

January 2011: I was extremely happy with your service at the end of last week.
“I will be referring you to my son!”
– Barb S

January 2011: Your guys are professional, thoughtful and knowledgeable
“I will recommend Atomatic to all the tenants in my building.”
– Ellie

January 2011: I signed up for the maintenance agreement and now have peace of mind
“Last night my furnace ignition went out and it was getting cold. I called Atomatic and shortly after Miguel called me back and was very informative. I did not have a maintenance agreement so he informed me of the cost of emergency work. Miguel walked me through the process to start the furnace and get the heat for the night until it could be handled during regular business hours. He also let me know about the maintenance agreement and how it would help. First thing this morning, Mary called to set up the service appointment. She was very friendly and explained what was covered with the maintenance agreement. Because of these two team members great service, I now have peace of mind that any issues will be taken care of right away and without an issue.”
– Bryan M

January 2011: I took the advice from a friend and selected Atomatic Mechanical
“Fron the start to the end of the project, I was so impressed by their professionalism, thoughtfulness and knowledge of the system they installed. I will recommend Atomatic Mechanical to all the tenants in my building.”
– Ellie

March 2011:Atomatic Mechanical provided a level of customer service that was beyond my expectations!
“Alex Kaslofski was extremely helpful and friendly. He was very thorough in checking the equipment and explained all that had been done. It was a pleasure to work with him!”
– Kendall L. (At Home America)

March 2011: My dealings with your service department for over 15 years keeps me as a customer.
“Simply put, superior service from you and your team!”
– Daniel J

April 2011: I deal with a lot of different companies
“Brittney is by far the most professional and polite dispatcher/customer service rep I have ever worked with.”
-Ron (Exel/Clorox)

April 2011: Your guys were courteous, worked as cleanly as possibly…
“And overall did a nice job. Please express my thanks to them when you see them.”
– Tony G

June 2011: The new furnace looks great!
“Everyone at Atomatic has truly exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond. Dave, the installer, did an outstanding job with everything. When he finished, he cleaned up so well I could not even tell he was there at all….except for the new furnace of course! I cannot tell you much much my family and I appreciate the new furnace and everything everyone has done. We are so excited that we will no longer wake up or come home to a cold house in the dead of winter because the furnace decided to stop working.”
– Rick H

June 2011: I am impressed with the quality of your technicians.
“They are very hard workers, very professional and always clean up the area when they are done. I am especially impressed with Bernie who has been to our office on many occasions. I don’t know where you find these guys but they are great!”
-Jeffrey (INSTEC)

June 2011: Thanks for the prompt service call.
“Alex Kaslofski came to Fibre-Craft last evening to repair one of our roof top air conditioning units. He was here prior to the time we were given and even though he had already put in a long day, he was very polite and professional. Alex is a real asset to your organization. He obviously enjoys his work as demonstrated by his overall positive attitude.”
– George (Fibre-Craft Materials Corporation)

June 2011: As always, Jerome does a fantastic job around here.
“He gets the problems resolved and fixed. His attention to details and trust worthiness is the best. I can even say the same for Bernie when he is out here doing work for First Trust and us here at WPP. Thanks again.”
– Nathan (Waveland Property Group, Inc.)

August 2012: Often times good thing are never said about great employees.
“I have been a client of Atomatic Mechanical for the last 10 years with different companies and buildings. It was to my delight that I was moved to another property recently where Jeff Maratea is the preferred mechanic. When I was informed of this, it made me feel extremely comfortable. I knew then this buildings equipment has been well maintained. He has always shown extreme professionalism, courtesy, promptness and knowedge. You have a true asset in Mr. Maratea!”
– Guy Monzel (One O’Hare Center)

September 2012: As usual, Atomatic was a class act!
“From usual great, reliable service to instant diagnosis to your instant visit to the perfect installation. In today’s lackluster world of service, you guys are head and shoulders above the rest!”
– Cathy and Bob

October 2011: I was blown away by Dave and his workmanship.
“Dave was polite, knew exactly what he was doing and made sure the area he was working in was always cleaned up. He is an A+ tradesman and Atomatic is extremely lucky to have such a talented employee at their company.”
– Laverne P

October 2011: I appreciate Mary and Tony so much.
“Mary in Dispatch always takes time to talk with me and genuinely cares about me. And ever since Tony has been doing my maintenance, I have had no problems with my system and it has been over 10 years. I have complete confidence in Atomatic.”
– Sally C

October 2011: I do business with Atomatic because of technicians like Jeremy.
“Jeremy did a great job and is very good at what he does.”
– Matthew E.

February 2012: I am Happy with the services provided by Mike and Bob.
“There have been a number of evenings that Mike has come here to give me some training on the pneumatics. I gave him access to log into my controls. I know that a number of times he has logged in to keep an eye on the system. One night he saw a problem and came out here to start a pump in order to avoid some freezing issues. Although you are in business to make money, I always feel that your guys are doing what is best for the church and not just trying to make a profit. This reassures us that we made the right decision in choosing Atomatic. Thanks again for the great support.”
– Russ W. (The Orchard Evangelical Free Church)

February 2012: Atomatic does a great job managing our HVAC systems.
“It is nice to have contractors you know will charge a fair price and not let you down!”
– Lee F (Braeside Condominium Management Ltd.)

April 2012: I like your company.
“I think Atomatic is a class act!”
– Kim B.

April 2012: I want to thank Chris, Bill, and their co-workers for being so professional.
“It’s tough making such a costly decision, but Bill’s experience and expertise helped make the decision to use Atomatic an easy one. I would recommend Atomatic to all my contacts.”
– Scott

August 2012: Just want to thank you all.
“Bob was out within an hour after I first called. The repair went very well and everyone was relieved that it was fixed in less than a day. This is why we picked Atomatic!”
– Russ W (The Orchard Evangelical Free Church)

October 2012: I wanted to take a minute to compliment one of your outstanding employees, Bob Eyerly.
“Bob spent the entire day at our facility performing our PM service. He’s extremely professional, has a great sense of humor, and is a joy to have around. His customer service skills are fantastic, and our employees enjoy his company and appreciate his vast wealth of knowledge. Bob takes great pride in his work, and it really shows. He truly is one of the best service technicians I have ever worked with!”
– Beth M (Glen Endoscopy Center, LLC)

February 2013: Excellent job on the install.
“Jeremy did a fantastic job and was very polite and professional. Great service from start to finish. I’ll be referring you to my friends.”
– Robert B

February 2013: I would like to thank Pat L and his crew for their outstanding and detailed work.
“Atomatic had worked on my boilers. Not only did they do a great job, they were honest and professional. Thank you Glen, for putting this all together and being there when I need you in all situations. I would recommend Atomatic to anyone who wants their job done right and in a timely manner.”
– James S

June 2013: I am taking this opportunity to compliment my interaction with David Magee.
“Upon moving into my new condo unit, I discovered that the air handler was leaking. I contacted Atomatic with whom I had done business with in the past. My inquiry was passed to Dave and from that moment on he displayed a professional and personal interest in the job. Due to my upcoming sugery, an early installation was critical. He arranged for the work to be done quickly. On the date of the install, Dave was here to make sure the job went smoothly. Through his efforts, a critical situation was handled with care and attention to detail. I will not hesitate to recommend Atomatic to other people in my building. A special thanks to not just David Magee, but to all at Atomatic who had a hand in this.”
– Martin B

June 2013: Working with Atomatic was the most pleasant HVAC service call I ever had.
“They were not only very prompt and polite, the dispatchers on the phone sounded friendly and seemed to enjoy their job (as opposed to the “snarly” dispatchers at other companies!). The technician was very polite and gave me a feeling of trust.”
– Jeanne

June 2013: A big thank you to Atomatic Mechanical Services!
“And a special thank you to Alex and Jerome for your support and quick action.”
– Gretchen S (Whole Foods Market Kildeer)

April 2014: Jacob is definitely a huge asset to Atomatic Mechanical Services.
“I couldn’t be more happy with the job he did. He has a great attention to detail, very through and is easy to work with. Plus, the icing on the cake,…..a very friendly, polite person.”
– Glenn M

May 2014: I am absolutely happy with the service I receive
“No other vendor has been as responsive to our needs.”
– Brad P (McCormick Place)

April 2014: We’re thrilled with the work done the past two days
“Including the skill and instruction from Allen and Bruce. You are lucky to have them.”
– Dan S (Gary Comer Youth Center)

June 2014: Our new AC unit is up and running!
“We could hang meat in our server room now! Thanks for taking good care of usl. Bernie did a great job as always, he is the best!”
– Jeffrey (Instec)

October 2012: I wanted to compliment one of your service mechanics, Steve.
“Not only is he very good at what he does but he is personable and extremely knowledgable and able to explain things in layman’s terms. When other heating professionals were trying to convince me that I needed a new furnace, Steve looked at the unit and quickly determined this was not the case, thereby saving me a large sum of money. Thanks to Steve, Atomatic is the only company I trust.”
– Jeff K

June 2013: I was having a problem with my systems drain clogging.
“Chris came out and took some photos and notes and contacted the manufacturer and continuously communicated with us all the information he was getting. I was very impressed with Chris’s efforts.”
– Bonnie

December 2013: I was a maintenance agreement customer with a Nicor company.
“I had no heat and when I called Nicor, I was told they could not come out for two days. I called my son, who is an Atomatic customer. I was pleased with how quickly they responded. So pleased that I purchased a maintenance agreement from them and will be a long time Atomatic customer.”
– John L.

January 2014: Your entire staff is terrific.
“They are polite, comprehensive, concerned and they even have a good sense of humor. I cannot thank you enough for your support!”
– Aaron (Op2mizeLLC)

January 2014: I am delighted to share my praise for a gentleman
“Jeff M is exceptional, hardworking, professional, courteous, respectful and has distinctive wisdom. He listened carefully to our problems, was thorough in his search for a solution, found the problems and made perfect adjustments. A remarkable worker in your employ who took initiative and had the knowledge to fix a situation within an impressive turnaround time.”
– Mary Ann (Satter Investment Management, LLC)

February 2014: I just want to thank you on behalf of my family for stepping up to the plate
“You and your servicemen were rock stars as you worked into the night to bring heat to my family on one of the coldest days of the year. Needless to say, customer loyalty is earned, and in my book you all have earned mine.”
– Jeffrey Y

March 2014: Thank you! All work was completed as promised.
“We are very satisified. Work was neat and clean. I would recommend Atomatic to anybody. Thanks for a job well done.”
– Jose C

May 2014: Once again, you and your staff came through like champs!
“Alex filled me in on the cause of our leak and what he had done to remedy it. We were fortunate that he was still on site and able to get over to the problem area quickly. As always, you and your staff are to be commended and applauded. Rest assured, you’re on our speed-dial!”
– Georgia V (International Airport Authority)

October 2012: A huge THANK YOU to the Atomatic Team!
“Our vacuum system went down and within a very short time we were back on line with a new medical vacuum pump on our dock. Thanks to Brittney, Liz and Andrea. They played a big part in making this call possible and a success.”
– David R (North Shore Skokie Hospital)

July 2014: Jose worked tirelessly to solve my problem.
“I could not be happier with his service. Hopefully I will not be needing him back anytime soon, but if I do need a service call I will be asking for his help. Thanks again for all the help.”
– Teresa B

My twelve years with Atomatic have been extremely positive
“With the staff, the technicians and Chris himself. Once again thanks. We truly feel that we are in good hands with Atomatic.”
– Charles M

September 2014: The work that your tech performed was very good.
“He not just did a really good job, he also was very concerned and careful with our roof. He had a piece of cloth on the roof itself to protect it from any tools or materials that he had up there with him. Your tech was very nice and polite and seemed like a good person to work with.”
– C.G.

October 2014: Sam and Jake did an excellent job installing my new furnace and air conditioner.
“I really appreciated their “can do” attitude and their attention to the little things. They did a thorough job of checking the equipment and answered all of my questions. Give them a big pat on the back!”
– Howard K

December 2014: Just wanted to put in a good word for you tech Lukasz.
“We had him out about a week ago for the heating maintenance and thought he was very thorough and competent.”
– Gregg L

January 2015: I am beyond grateful that you acted so promptly to meet my furnace needs.
“Chris, Mary, Luke, and Adon were a terrific rescue team. All were professional, efficient, 
neat, courteous and personable. Luke explained to me what the issue was and what would be involved in resolving my furnace issues. He got my old furnace started until my new one could arrive. I can only imagine what logistics were involved in scheduling such a prompt installation as well as a service call. My gratitude runs so deep for this level of attention from you all. With Luke as his mentor, Adon is well on his way to using that fine mind of his to being another great Atomatic technician.”
– Diane H