Northbrook, IL Furnace Repair

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It’s not uncommon for winter weather in Northbrook, IL to come with lots of snow, freezing rain, and strong winds that chill you to the bone. This is when you want to be able to rely on your furnace to stay toasty and warm. When your home feels drafty and chilly, or there’s no heat coming from your vents at all, then you need furnace repair services.

When you need HVAC services quickly, you can’t trust every heating and cooling company to restore comfort to your home. Trust Atomatic Mechanical Services.  We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, which means we provide quality parts and services to all of our customers. Our team of technicians is NATE certified, meaning we are expected to live up to high standards when it comes to heating and cooling services. Don’t suffer in the cold! Call Atomatic Mechanical Services for furnace repairs in Northbrook, IL. 

Emergency Furnace Repairs in Northbrook

Furnaces can stop working at any time. In the middle of the night, while you’re at work, or even right before the family is about to come over for the holidays. When your heat stops working unexpectedly, you need it turned back on fast. That’s where Atomatic can help. 

We are a Comfort 24-7 provider. Whenever you need help with your heating service, Atomatic is available and waiting for your call. We can provide quick service with quality parts to make sure your heat comes back on and stays on. A broken furnace doesn’t just mean discomfort for your home, it can also be dangerous. With no heat, the water in your pipes could freeze and burst which can cause major water damage. Repairing water damage is often much more expensive than emergency furnace repairs. Make the smart choice and call Atomatic if you have a heating emergency. 

What are the Most Common Reasons Furnaces Need Repair?

There are many reasons why your furnace might stop working suddenly. Here are some common reasons why you might notice comfort issues, and a few tips on how to restore heat to your home yourself. 

Air Filter

Your furnace’s air filter keeps your furnace clean and prevents it from filling up with dust and debris. In order to operate efficiently, your furnace needs to have a steady source of clean air to distribute heat efficiently throughout your home. Restricted airflow from a full air filter forces the furnace to work harder and more frequently.

Your filter is easy to change, and you can buy most furnace air filters at your local hardware store.  During repairs and maintenance, our technicians can show you the filter location. Regularly checking and changing your filter is the best supplemental maintenance you can perform between annual HVAC inspections.  


If it seems like your furnace is running non-stop, first check your thermostat to make sure that the fan is set to “auto” and not “on.” If that doesn’t help, there may be a disconnect between your thermostat and your home’s heating system. If your furnace won’t turn on at all, check to see that your thermostat is receiving power. Change the batteries in the thermostat if needed.

Heat Exchanger

If your system is overtaxed, it may cause your heat exchanger to fail. Lack of maintenance, overuse, and dirt in the system all can contribute to a broken heat exchanger. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, it’s often a sign that your heat exchanger might have cracks in it and is causing carbon monoxide to leak. Evacuate your home immediately and call the fire department if your fire alarm goes off. A furnace with a cracked heat exchanger is not safe to run or even fix, and you will need to replace your furnace in the event that this happens. 

Short Cycling

If it seems like your furnace turns on and then turns off very quickly without heating your home, then it is experiencing short cycling. This can be caused by a number of factors including an old furnace filter or a broken pilot light. 

Strange Noises

Anytime your furnace sounds different than normal, you should call the professionals immediately.  Banging or squealing sounds coming from the furnace often indicate a damaged, frayed, or broken blower belt. The longer you wait to fix these noises the more likely it is these minor issues will snowball into a bigger problem. 

Benefits of Furnace Repair in Northbrook, Illinois

While it’s easy to avoid calling for furnace repairs, there are some added benefits to doing so in a timely manner. When you call Atomatic to repair your furnace, you’ll notice more improvements than you expected. 

Improved Efficiency

Furnaces that are struggling to heat a space are using more energy than they need to. You may be surprised that your house isn’t warm, but your heating bills are through the roof. This is because something is broken in your furnace and so it is working harder to compensate for the broken part. Repairs will make sure your furnace is only using the energy that it requires to heat your home which can restore your heating bills to a more comfortable price point. 

Comfortable Temperatures

Nothing is worse than being stuck with a broken furnace in the middle of winter. By getting repair services done immediately, you can rest assured your furnace will be up and running in time for the new winter season, helping prevent your family from dreadful cold nights. The sooner you call for repairs, the sooner your home with be cozy and comfortable again. 

Reduced Health Hazards

Are there odd odors in your house when the furnace kicks on? These odors aren’t just annoying, they can be hazardous to your health and a sign of a bigger problem within your system. Your furnace might have mold and mildew build-up that could lead to musty smells or an electrical issue that causes a burning smell. By getting repairs done on your furnace, you can ensure the air in your home stays clean and healthy, preventing asthma flare-ups, seasonal allergies, and more.

Improved Life Span

Furnace replacement is far more costly than maintenance and repair. Fortunately, getting repairs done right away is one of the best ways to ensure your furnace is ready to work for years to come. To get the most out of furnace repairs, contact us at Atomatic Mechanical Services as soon as possible to initiate repairs before they turn into costly replacements.

Call Atomatic Mechanical Services To Keep Your Furnace Running All Winter Long

By having quality furnace repair services done in a timely manner at your Northbrook, IL home, you can save money on repair and energy bills. If your home and heating bills are uncomfortable, talk to the heating experts at Atomatic. We’re happy to help improve the operation of your furnace. Call us today to schedule an appointment.