Heating Service


Although you aren’t relying on your furnace for comfort during the summer months, it’s best not to completely forget about it. While your heating equipment sits idle, dirt builds up on the internal parts. This will cause inefficient operation, increased energy bills, and more frequent repairs. The US Environmental Protection Agency strongly recommends having a licensed HVAC contractor perform annual pre-season tune-ups of your heating system. When you call the professionals from Atomatic Mechanical Services, we will make sure your furnace is ready to provide the comfort you expect, throughout the tough Arlington Heights area winters.

Having your furnace regularly inspected holds numerous advantages. If your heating system is relatively new, manufacturers require regular, professional maintenance to maintain warranty coverage. Any damage that is the result of neglected service will not be covered. Count on the team from Atomatic Mechanical Services to ensure uninterrupted warranty protection. And if your heating unit has seen better days, call us to restore components to optimum working condition.

Proactive service prepares your heating system for the cold weather workload. Through comprehensive inspection, the NATE-certified technicians from Atomatic Mechanical Services will uncover small problems before they become costly problems. Scheduling service in the fall provides ample time to order replacement parts if needed. You certainly don’t want to be stuck shivering, waiting for the arrival of parts on the coldest day of the year. By troubleshooting and checking the efficiency of your furnace, our service specialists will make sure you enjoy efficient, uninterrupted, and rewarding comfort no matter how low the temperature drops or how long winter lasts.

Furnace Service & Maintenance

A well-maintained furnace can provide an average of twenty years of service life. Having a knowledgeable and qualified HVAC specialists perform regular tuning allows for smooth operation, wards off difficulties, and promotes longevity. Cleaning, testing connections, lubricating moving parts, and checking a system’s controls all contribute to a heating unit that is operating at peak efficiency. This saves you money on both your monthly utility bills and costly, preventable repairs. Regular maintenance has been shown to prevent over fifty percent of potential breakdowns. By limit the number of malfunctions over the life of the system, your heating equipment costs less to operate, and you stay comfortable.

A clean, well-functioning heating system protects your indoor air quality. Heated air is filtered, trapping contaminants such as dust mites, pollen, dander, odors, mold spores, and other particles. If the system is clogged with dust and debris, it’s polluting rather than benefiting the air circulating throughout your home. It is possible for plant matter, decomposing vermin, animal feces, and insects to be concealed within the inner workings of a forced air system, introducing bacteria to the airstream. Professional cleaning is critical to ensuring a clean, healthy, and comfortable home and commercial environment.

For safe, efficient, and reliable performance from your heating system, call the licensed contractors from Atomatic Mechanical Services. For over 70 years, we have continued to expand our business through recommendations and reviews from satisfied customers. Founded in 1945, we began with a commitment to exceptional customer service and expert workmanship, and have continued to build on these high standards throughout the years. As a Comfort 24-7 Provider, we guarantee our work and the Factory Authorized Parts we install. For complete, accurate, and cost-effective residential and commercial maintenance in Northbrook, Glenview, Highland Park, Wilmette, Arlington Heights & Palatine, IL, count on Atomatic Mechanical Services to deliver lasting comfort solutions.